Each colony wasdesigned by a different society. Equally forbidden by Earth’s Governments and the Industrial Giants who control the Portals off world--they thrive and survive under the very noses of those who would control their existence…

Outlaw Colonies Release Dates


Apex Predator              1         4/1/22

Game Theory                2          7/1/22

Heirs of Avalon            3          10/1/22

Babalyon Shattered         4          1/1/23

Clone Ambition             5          4/1/23


"The art of war teaches us to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy's not coming, but on our own readiness to receive him; not on the chance of his not attacking, but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable." Sun Tzu

Ivette & Mathias enter an arranged marriage to protect seven clone toddlers they rescued from a massacre. But a stable marriage puts Mathias in direct competition with his ruthless older brother for the leadership of House Bedlingfeld.

Mathias had been sent to earth in part to learn about Portal Technology. His leaders were delighted when he brought back the codes to reach the other outlaw colonies, enabling Arcadia to develop trade directly with them instead of going through earth. Unknown to the people Mathias is working with, there is a scheme to use the new Portal technology to attack earth and overthrow the governments controlling the Portals. Mathias is horrified to discover his older brother is hip deep in the scheme. Does he betray his brother to save his colony?


They rejected 'human'  values to create their own.

Clones had been bred like cattle and used for unspeakable purposes by ‘Normal’ humans for generations. Those who escaped captivity wanted nothing so much as to destroy their former owners. But their leaders made a deal with the gatekeepers who handled the illegal portals to other worlds. The 'free' clones would quit killing humans (Normals) if the Portal Committee would supply them with their own colony.


The first world discovered by the Laughing Mountain Scientists was a doozy. 

Homo Sapiens—the deadliest predator of all time--maybe.

Life is hard on the outlaw colony of Lemuria. Some days it's a struggle just to stay alive. Plants and animals are huge and the most dangerous humans have ever encountered. Homo Sapiens are apex predators, but they may have just met their match on the planet of Lemuria.

Zach Tylor is young, tough and broke. Despite his better judgement, he agrees to guide a group of researchers to a mysterious palace of unknown origin  for one reason: he needs the money. When he is accused of thievery and the accuser is murdered, he must prove his innocence and catch the guilty party to restore his reputation.



What if the d’Medici’s and Borgias, or artists such as Raffaello (Raphael) Sanzio da Urbino and Michelangelo, or scientists like Copernicus and Galileo had possessed advanced technology? 

The Outlaw Colony of Barsoom* was designed to be a mix of renaissance dress and manners coupled with advanced technology. By day, the colonists invent nanites to cure diseases and cast illusions. By night, they carouse in taverns and ballrooms served by robots. At dawn, they fight duels to the death over imagined or real insults. Socially, Barsoom* enjoys a renaissance lifestyle. It was colonized by groups of people who wanted to recreate a renaissance culture but retain their technology. Colony organizers spent months sending through anything they thought they might need. Education level is high, main industries are farming, fishing, merchants, mining, but since they love their high-tech gadgets, they also import a large number of small circuits to make them with.


Shangri-la was designed to be the next utopia. But someone is attempting to destroy it.

This is a Socialist society: created by groups of psychics and highly dependent on Robots to do essential tasks. They brought idealistic ideas with them when they came. Anyone who wants to emigrate has to put up a certain amount of money to support themselves for the first 3 years or  come in as a servant (indentured servitude) and serve whoever puts up the fee until it is paid off. Most valued trade items are electronic circuitry, foods, medicines, prefabricated housing, and robots for harvesting food and performing household chores. The biggest threat to the colony is their belief that humans are inherently good.

*The name Barsoom which is used as the name of a colony in these books. BARSOOM(R) is a registered trademark of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.  And Used by Permission