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I’d like to give you the opportunity to join my ARC team. An ARC team is a group who agrees to write and post a review of one of my books in return for a free copy. Preferred posting sites are Amazon, Goodreads, Kobo or Nook. The book is unpublished because I am doing some last-minute edits to it, although it is available for pre-order. If you find a type or other glaring mistake, please contact me at about the error instead of posting it in your review. 

The book is titled “The Clone Initiative” and is book 6, the last in this series and the lead in to an upcoming series titled “The Outlaw Colonies.”

BLURB: "A fast-paced Sci-Fi thriller of adventure, mystery and romance in a post-apocalyptic dystopian society."

Are Clones Human or Property? Do you believe there are disposable people?

Is a clone the property of the creator, or are they simply artificially created humans? Tally is one of three identical triplets. Are she and her sisters artificial beings? Clones created in a lab but raised as human girls? She had always been told they are human, but are they? She needs to know Now, because the battle over the humanity of artificially created people is heating up. Tally and her sisters are caught in the middle of the battle; a clone manufacturing company is attempting to claim Tally and her sisters as their property.

Escaped Clones are attacking isolated farms and houses and the state legislature is considering a law to make everyone submit to a DNA scan to screen for Cloning markers.

When she rescues cloned babies after a massacre at a Clone farm by wild clones, she must decide for herself what she believes about what makes a person human.

If everything goes as planned, I will have a new book coming out every three months until 2023. If you are interested in joining the team, send me an e-mail. Just click here:

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