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Space Colony Journals

$ 88.00 USD

Signed soft cover editions of all 7 books at 20% discount.

Options of Survival

Destiny Rising

Tomorrow's Legacy

The Interstellar Jewel Heist

The Designer People

Alien Trails

Quantum Light


St. Antoni -- The Forbidden Colony

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Signed Softcover editions of The First 3 Books in the Forbidden Colony Series: Warriors of St. Antoni, The Enforcers and The Gaslight Bandits at a 20% discount if you purchase the set Shipping is included Books 4, 5 & 6 are still in production. Purchasing the first 3 volumes, guarantees you the opportunity to purchase the next 3 at the same discount.

Magi of Rulari

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Signed softcover copies of the 1st two books in the Magi of Rulari at a 20% discount.

Purchasing the set entitles you to the same discount when the 3rd book (The Paladin) becomes available.