Space Colony


"The Will To Survive Is Mankind's Greatest Weapon."

"They won an interplanetary war; now they must survive the Peace."

Welcome to the far future. The Space Colony Journals are an epic tale of a family's struggle to survive on a colony in space. These are the courageous women and dangerous men who carve a home on the Alien World of Vensoog

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Magi of 


Land of Myth & Magic

What happens when two highly technological civilizations bring their Artificial Intelligences to a planet where Magic works, and the A.I.s learn to use it? 

Terrans and Sekhmet fled from their war-torn worlds and traveled through a portal to find refuge on the planet Rulari, where magic rules, and men and women will live and die by the sword. 

Although the laws of science still work on Rulari, more powerful forces rule here: the power of Magic. Cut off from their home planets. to survive they needed to learn to control this new form of energy 

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“Mix a Shoot ‘em up Western with Science Fiction, Victorian Steampunk, add a little Mystery and a dash of Romance…”

The Portal to the world of St. Antoni was illegal. The men and women who reached it were desperate to escape earth. They were thrown on their own resources to survive with no help from earths advanced technology. With grit and determination, they created a civilization as different from the earth they left behind as Mars is from Venus.

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The Modern

 Artist's Handbook

The Modern Artist pamphlets are non-fiction 'how to' books, created to assist the writer or artist in handling the business aspects of art or writing. They cover topics such as putting on an art show, organizing a book signing, organizing and tracking work, doing your taxes, etc.

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