WOW! Who would ever have thought I would write dystopian books? I certainly didn’t.  Most novels written for that genre seem to be full of angst, and typify what I consider the “gloom, despair, and agony on me” syndrome. Frankly, a little bit of that goes a lo-o-ng way with me. Yes,I do think there is room in that genre for stories with a more positive outlook. I’m a HEA writer (happily ever after). We’ll see. I’ve just started exploring that particular sub genre of sci-fi, so it’s yet to be decided if readers agree with me. As of this moment, I actually have two books in this sub-genre published, and I'm wording on a third.

The Portal Lawman

A gripping Sci-Fi adventure where justice and freedom are on the line,

Trapped in a web of deceit and danger, two young women must make dangerous alliances to battle the tyrannical government and powerful industrial giants.

Lacey is the head of Laughing Mountain's Portal committee, flouting government edicts by helping Portal Runners smuggle desperately needed goods, services, and people to the Forbidden Colonies, while Joyce Higgins is on the run from a stalker who intends to make her and her young sisters into slaves. When Joyce Higgins and her sisters are accused of being clones by the Parallel Genetic Agency, they take refuge in Laughing Mountain, and Deputy Mark Connors says he can protect them. Can they save their town and preserve the Portal before it's too late?

Malachi Sullivan is one of the few who hold the line against tyranny, but will he and Lacey be able to put the past behind them and work together to save the town

If you enjoyed The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, or post-apocalyptic action and suspense of James Dashner's The Maze Runner, you'll love the thrilling Sci-Fi adventure of this novel.

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Cloned Ambition

“A Modern twist on the story of David and Bathsheba.”

Set in a future where clones are seen as second-class citizens and Normals are threatened by their own creation, Scarlet and her Mate Dagmar must fight for their own freedom and survival. Scarlet was created to be the vessel for an aging actress's brain when she reached maturity. But when her creator dies before the transplant can take place, Scarlet is sold to a clone breeding farm, and only narrowly escapes with the help of a few kind college students. Desperate for a different future, Scarlet joins her mate Dagmar and his band of 'Wild' Clones, who are rebelling against their masters and building their own colony on the outlawed colony of Halcyon. But when their leader, Napoleon, makes a deal with the illegal Portal gatekeepers for their own colony, Scarlet discovers there is a price to pay for the dream of freedom. Napoleon wants Scarlet. Forced to choose between her mate Dagmar, who she loves, or giving in to Napoleon’s demands, and with danger lurking around every corner, Scarlet must make a stand and protect the new clone colony on Halcyon.

If you enjoyed the suspense and adventure of The Hunger Games, then you'll be captivated by Scarlet's journey for freedom in this thrilling novel. 


The Clone Initiative

This fast-paced Sci-Fi thriller takes readers on an adventure through a post-apocalyptic, dystopian society, full of mystery, romance, and a hard-hitting ethical dilemma.

When Tally and her identical triplet sisters find themselves caught in the middle of a war between clone manufacturers and escaped clones, she must answer a question that will forever shape her beliefs: Are clones human or property? As Tally strives to find the answer, she embarks on a perilous voyage to rescue six cloned babies from a massacre and protect them from the people who see them as nothing more than disposable property. Tally must make a decision that will shape her future and the future of clones everywhere.

If you enjoy thrilling tales of post-apocalyptic societies, you'll love this story of adventure and mystery. For a similar read, try Jack Heath's The Lab, a gripping story that follows a group of child clones who are on a mission to escape a sinister laboratory.

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