Outlawed Colonies Release Dates

I had to rearrange the titles in my Outlawed Colony series. If you’re reading the books the sequence should be Game Theory, Heirs of Avalon, then Apex Predator. It just makes more sense. 

Not all authors are this picky about the sequences of the tales they’ve tied together…but I know how aggravated it makes me because one of my favorite authors has a bunch of book trilogies set in different 3 time periods and she always starts in the middle, bounces back to the Victorian era and then to the future. 

It did mean I had to re-do the covers to show the correct series numbers and release dates. Fortunately, Game Theory is finished so the release date for book 1 of June 30th works fine.  I might move Avalon’s release date from Sept 30th to Nov 30th, with Apex set to release just in time for Christmas. It makes it so much easier when I have lots of time for re-writes and editing



GAME THEORY              1       6/30/22

HEIRS OF AVALON          2       09/30/22

APEX PREDATOR            3       11/20/22

BABYLON SHATTERED        4       4/30/23

CLONED AMBITION          5       6/30/23


On a distant colony, a young couple plays a deadly game to stop a rebellion and keep their newly adopted children safe

Mathias and Ivette were sent to earth to learn about Portal Technology. When they brought back the codes to reach the other outlawed colonies their bosses were ecstatic. Now Arcadia could develop trade directly with other the Outlawed Colonies instead of using the dangerous Portal on Earth and risking exposure to Earth's Draconian Governments and Industrial Giants.

While their families were glad they had returned, a few of them weren't as delighted to learn the pair had adopted seven cloned toddlers while on earth. Not all the colonists are happy with the status quo either, and rebellion is brewing. Mathias is horrified to discover his older brother is in league with the rebels. Does he betray his brother to save his family and his colony?

The rebels are furious when Mathias and Ivette return to live in the house she inherited from her grandmother. They have other plans for Ivette's property and having her and Mathias move in with seven toddlers Isn't part of it. When their home is invaded by the rebel army, Mathias and Ivette must not only protect their new children but defeat the conspirator's as well.

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A futuristic Science Fiction Thriller

The theft Top Secret technology is the catalyst for a lab tech's murder

Two couples from different worlds search for stolen technology while working to uncover a murderer and keep two innocent men from being convicted of a crime they didn't commit.

Returning home to Barsoom after a successful mission to earth, Randal brings an unexpected dividend with him: A data crystal with the formula for finding earth-type planets. When it is stolen and a lab tech murdered during the break-in, his father and his fiancée’s father come under suspicion. It’s up to him, his fiancée Judith, and some new friends to clear their fathers of murder and find and retrieve the stolen crystal before it falls into the wrong hands.



 The name Barsoom which is used as the name of a colony in these books, BARSOOM(R) is a registered trademark of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. And Used by Permission.



A Tough Young Guide Leads A Group Of Explorers To A Mysterious Structure On An Alien World.

The first world discovered by the Laughing Mountain Scientists was a doozy. A fitting match for Homo Sapiens—the deadliest predator of all time—maybe.

If the animals here don't get you, the plants just might. 

Life is hard on the outlaw colony of Lemuria. Some days it's a struggle even to stay alive. The plants and animals are huge and deadly. Homo Sapiens are apex predators, but they may have just met their match on Lemuria.

Zach Tylor is young, tough, and broke. He needs the money, so despite his better judgement, he agrees to guide a group of researchers to a mysterious structure of unknown origin. During the trek, he uncovers a dangerous conspiracy that threatens not only his home planet, but all the Outlawed Colonies.

Release Date 11/20/2022 Pre-Order e-book 


Blackmail Sparks A Murder In This Science FictionCozy Mystery 

Shangri-la was designed to be the next utopia. But it’s flawed and someone is attempting to destroy it. 

A war is coming between the Reformers who want to correct their flawed colony and the Conservatives who want things to stay the same. Neither faction wants their schemes, or their identities exposed. Unfortunately, a blackmailer knows the identities of both sides of the conflict.

When Clemintine LaSalle steals her mother’s Indenture papers from the blackmailer’s safe, she accidentally gets his blackmail list too, and someone wants that list badly enough to frame her for murder…

Release Date: 3/30/2023

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Jstiles4 Recommended

Apex Predator

5 stars

Another in the Outlawed Colonies series, the story reads easily. Ms. Daley creates a complete world and interactive society that is unique yet feels very familiar. The characters are well drawn and completely believable in a style her readers will find familiar. The book has a glossary of information on all of the outlawed colonies she has created which will help the readers new to her works to understand the fantasy universe she had created but reads we.all as a standalone novel. The storyljne is easy to follow and certainly not boring. I highly recommend Alex Predator. I received an ARC and this is my honest opinion of this novel.


By Laura S Reading

4.0 out of 5 stars

Instant family, loyalties tested, strong females

Reviewed in the United States on July 6, 2022

While this veers off from my typical reading I was intrigued by the concept.

A newly matched couple rescues cloned children and must take them to a different world to keep them safe.

Upon returning home with their new family, home doesn't turn out to be a safe spot. Lots of military intrigue. Very strong female characters.

Some sensitive topics, tastefully handed, but still made me a bit squeemish.

This is just a glimpse into this world and if you are a science fiction fan I believe you will find it intriguing.

I want to see how these characters develop.

These are my own opinions. I was gifted a copy of this book and not required to post a positive review.

Myra Mcculloch's review

Jul 16, 2022

5 out of 5 stars

As ever another great tale of those that live on the Off Worlds and the challenges they face. Can our newly-wed couple overcome all before them to keep their family safe.

Read with anticipation as Gail takes you on their journey

By Jackie’s Reviews on Goodreads


5 of 5 stars

Wow , another great beginning to a new series. Well written to keep you intrigued. For those that live in another world, life is definitely not easy. How will they manage to make it through each day. I felt as if I belonged and wanted to help. Ready for more.


“A Modern twist on the story of David and Bathsheba.”

They rebelled against their masters and rejected human values as humans had rejected them. But was what they created any better?

Clones had been bred like cattle and used for unspeakable purposes by ‘Normal’ humans for generations. Those who escaped captivity wanted nothing so much as to destroy their former owners.

None hated the Normals more than Scarlet Jones when she found out she was created so an old actress could claim her body when she reached maturity. She escaped death when the old woman died before the brain transplant was done. Then the old woman’s heirs sold Scarlet to a clone farm. By luck and the intervention of a few college students she escaped again, this time to join her Mate Dagmar and his band of ‘wild’ clones.

When Napoleon, the Free Clones leader, made a deal with the illegal Portal gatekeepers for their own colony, it created the hope of a different future. But Scarlet Jones finds  there is a price for joining the Clone Colony on Halcyon. Napoleon wants Scarlet, but she has a mate whom she loves. Is there a way to keep her dream of being free and not give in to Napoleon's demands? Can Scarlet, Dagmar and the others build their new colony and keep it safe from predation by the 'Normals' and their own people?

*The name Barsoom which is used as the name of a colony in these books (R) is a registered trademark of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.  BARSOOM And Used by Permission