Cover & Title Changes

Over the years, I've constantly changed or updated my book covers on my published books. This is not to fool readers into buying the book a second time, but to keep the covers from being outdated as the mores for Sci-Fi and Fantasy covers change. Recently a fan asked me for a list of the changes, as she was experiencing difficulty telling which books she had already purchased. I've created a separate page with the old and new covers. Old covers on the left, New covers on the right. If there is only a single cover for a book, then I haven't played around with it. Yet.

Space Colony Journals

 aka The Handfasting

In the case of the space colony journals, I changed not only the covers but also the book titles and series title. They simply weren't selling well. So I had them evaluated, and to my surprise and dismay, I was told that I was sending two different messages causing genre conflicts. 

The titles sounded like romance titles. But the books were clearly in the sci-fi genre. Changing genre and titles is a big deal, as it involves unpublishing the books, assigning new ISBN numbers for each book. 

Unfortunately, I couldn't stop Amazon from keeping the older titles on the list. I was told that the books under the older titles and series we're now owned by buyer and the buyer could list them as used books for sale whether they had my permission or not. AARGH!

Space Colony Journals AKA The Handfasting
book 1 - Options of survival aka A Year And A day
Space Colony Journals AKA The Handfasting
book 3 - Tomorrow's Legacy aka All Our Tomorrows
Space Colony Journals AKA The Handfasting
book 5 The Designer People aka To Love & Honor

Book 7 Quantum Light never appeared in the Handfasting series, so it has no alternate title

I was actually quite happy with the original cover on Quantum Light. Unfortunately the way I make my covers I use a couple of sites which make the source photos available to multiple graphic designers, authors and artists, I recently discovered someone had used the exact same photo for their book which as it happens was also science fiction. In order to avoid confusion I redid my cover

Space Colony Journals AKA The Handfasting
book 2 - Destiny Rising aka Forever and A Day
Space Colony Journals AKA The Handfasting
book 4 - The Interstellar Jewel Heist aka From This Day Forward
Space Colony Journals AKA The Handfasting
books 6  Alien Trails has a new cover. 

St. Antoni The

Forbidden Colony

I confess this series has had a LOT of cover changes. The titles stayed the same but I have played around with the covers a lot. ForBooks 4 and 6: The Portal Lawman and the Clone Initiative  (which take place on earth) I haven't changed the covers at all. 

Magi of Rulari

2023 NOTE: Yes, I'm at it again--I've changed some covers!

I decided the covers for this series wasn't hitting the mark with its target audience which is Fantasy/Science Fiction, so I redesigned them to appeal more to the fantasy fans, even though they are a mixture of both genres. I wasn’t super happy with 2023 covers either, so in 2024 I changed them again!. 

The Outlawed Colonies