Union OfConfederated Planets

The Union Of Confederated Planets

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The Confederation of Planets is a loose association of human and humanoid planets bound together by treaties that regulate shipping, protect planetary independence and enforce mutually agreed upon laws. The Confederation is by no means the first association of worlds to rule known space. There is evidence on all the planets that many other civilizations have existed and passed on.

The Karamine Coalition is the Confederation's chief rival to control the civilized space lanes. After numerous skirmishes, war broke out. Some planets were reduced to radioactive ruins, others devastated by Bio-genetic weapons. Economic disaster, starvation and anarchy now stared many planets in the face. After years of sustained warfare, the Confederation finally pieced together a truce of sorts with the Karamine Empire. The truce came about because both sides had used up so much resources they could barely feed their populations and maintain communication within their sphere of influence. In the Confederated Worlds, Outlying planets like Vensoog and Trellya now subsist on meager alliances with the few Free Traders who had held aloof from the conflict and fight off onslaughts from the Jacks who preyed on them from space. 

The main law enforcement in The Space Lanes is the IPP (Interplanetary Patrol). The Patrol recruits' members from all Confederated Worlds and is a polyglot of those species.

Trade between the various colonies and member planets is handled by Independent Free Trade Ships who are registered in the Free Trade Registry. Free Trade ships are considered to be the same as a sovereign planet.

A Criminal element is represented by the Thieves Guild which has branches on all planets, although local criminal enterprises also exist on each world. No one knows where the headquarters of the Interplanetary Thieves Guild is actually located. It is only known that their influence on planetary governments is pernicious and widespread.

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